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(0.6 yrs) Marvist Hiring for Business Development Executives at Hyderabad

(0.6 yrs) Marvist Hiring for Business Development Executives at Hyderabad

Company: Marvist
Location: Hyderabad
Qualification: Any Graduate
Position: Business Development Executives
Experience: 0.6 yrs

Required Skills:
Experience: Should have 6 months experience in corporate sales, B2B or institutional sales.
Required Skills:
1. Ability to read, understand and write well in English is must.
2. Strong written persuasion and presentation skills and strong ability to follow up via emails.
3. Good command over computers and basic software like emails, browsers and Microsoft office.

Job Description/Profile:
1. Quickly learn our product offerings correctly understand and present the solutions to the client as written proposals. Make attractive proposal to get shortlisted by the SME firms.
2. Understand the Marvist selling process and customize to your personality and selling style within a few weeks.
3. Select the most attractive project leads from Elance/Upworks leads have competency or quickly develop it to judge the potential of leads by analyzing the available data and matching their requirements to Marvist capabilities.
4. Understand prospective clients requirements by researching and collecting info about them from various online sources.
5. Follow up on prospects generated and guide them to get them awarded at favorable terms using strong written skills. This is a Desk job 100% of clients are based internationally, only email based written interaction is the method of selling.
6. Recommended a custom solution addressing the clients specific needs.
7. Rework the Standardized messages to be competitive with other providers and to create the right impression with prospects.
8. Use the in-house training material and guidance of seniors to develop the industry specific skills to become quickly competent on this job.

Apply here

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