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9 Questions A Job seeker must avoid

9 Questions a Jobseeker Must Avoid in an Interview.

Asking questions during an interview shows the employer your interest and enthusiasm. It helps you pinpoint what the employer is looking for in their next hire and gives you the opportunity to connect it to your experience. Some questions, though, should not be asked during the initial interviews or you might not make it to the next round.

  1. How much will I make?
  2. Who do I speak with about vacation time?
  3. How is the work environment?
  4. What does the company do?
  5. When do I start?
  6. How flexible is the company?
  7. Can I telecommute?
  8. Personal questions.
  9. Too many questions.

Every job seeker must be careful towards answering the above questions in a job interview...
All the best.

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