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IBM Technical Support Recruitment Procedure

1. Group Discussion

Here a topic is given to spoke about the topic and the topic given on that day was Education System in India

First Everyone took their chance from among the group and expressed their views, HR gave chance to all participants by asking everyone to speak about the topic. Finally he selected 5 members to the next round.

2.Technical Interview

Here Interviewer tests the basic computer networks and questions like
1.What is VPN?
2.What is Wi-fi?
3.How do you connect a network printer?
4.Questions on your projects?
5.Why IBM? What you Know about IBM??

3.Telephonic Interview.
One cannot take granted if they clear TR, because Telephonic Interview is crucial one to get into job.Here the call from HR is from company office,he mainly tests the clarity, voice, accent, grammar, formation of sentences, spontaneity, and asks to go through your profile and asks questions on your profile.

All the very best for guys attending for this interviews....

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