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Information on Infra structure support domain.(ITIS)

Hai Friends..

An ITIS domain is related to infrastructure support provided by companies to their clients.

Most of us in engineering has a misconception like ITIS is as a BPO type but this is different.As like we have languages,packages,others which come in development.. there are many domains under infrastructure support as listed below

Courses like CCNA and higher certifications in networking fetches the aspirants a good job.For any organisation for its business continuity networks are the prime part.It has lot of scope and career prospects.

2.Windows Server Adminstration:
Windows server admins do the task of administration of all the windows servers in the environment ..certifications are MCSE and other Microsoftsh are available.Good Option for any one who aspires a good job.
As like windows..

3.Solaris and Linux
The wonderful and most reliable os's for servers. A lot of career prospects in this domain.

4.Oracle DBA,SQL and others DB admins.
This is as good as others and can be said one of the better paids domain.r

5.Storage Area Networking(SAN) and Backup
SAN deals with consolidated storage on a separate Fiber channel network.(EMC,Netapp)

Backup deals with having the backups and continuos copies of data.(Netbackup,HP DP)

Guys choose your choice and concentrate .


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