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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

  1. A bearing is designated as 6205 , what is it?s bore diameter?
  2. advantages and disadvamtges of using lpg in car?
  3. All Rector or Exchanger have spherical/hemispherical end Why?
  4. Compare Brayton and Otto cycle.
  5. current rating of a 3 phase DG set is 20 Amps, but what will be the per phase current for single phase supply.
  6. Define Overall Heat transfer coefficient.
  7. do any one have an idea,of saipem engineering interviw?
  8. Does Is 2062 Specifies Only Seamless Pipes Or Erw Pipe Is Also Covered Under Is 2062
  9. During Steam Blowing Of Pipe Line, A Bluish Color Conical Pattern Is Observed At The End Of
  10. even though LPG is economical than petrol,why we are not promoting LPG usage?
  11. explain bearing nomenclature with example.
  12. Explain Why Nozzles are made convergent and Divergent?
  13. Funtion of cluch
  14. How a Diesel Engine Works in Generators?Explain with Labelled Diagram.
  15. how can u increase the efficiency of power plant without changeing in effort?
  16. How cooling Tower height selected E
  17. how gravity filling machine is designed
  18. How hydrulic power stearin @ lutch works plz explain?
  19. How Hydrulic Power Stering & Clutch works plz explain ?
  20. how much efficiency loss will took place in a steam turbine due to low vacuum
  21. how to calculate the speed of conveyer in meter per minute
  22. How to convert from HP to BHP or CC to Bhp please explain?
  23. How to find rating of Chiller a.c. plant i.e. how to calculate the a.c. load of an area, feeded by Chiller ?
  24. How to measure sound level of engine of tractor?
  25. how turbo charger works?
  26. If I want to set a power plant in desert of ?Rajasthan? and I have option of steam and gas power plant. Which plant I should set up?
  27. if the blade height is increased,then how it increases the specific speed of centrifugal pump?
  28. if u have to give support in 1 km long bridge,where u will give it & how many?
  29. In a Waste heat recovery boiler feed control valve is after the economiser where as in auxilary boiler feed control valve is given before the economiser.why?
  30. In auto mobile industry for any type of vehicle how can we differentiate 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine....
  31. In hydroulic clutch mechanism can i adjust clutch play? if it is possible plz explain ?
  32. increase in unit speed increases the discharge of impulse turbine how?
  33. Name fuels used in nuclear power plant?
  34. On what property u can distinguish material as brittle or ductile?
  35. On what thermodynamic cycle nuclear power plant works?
  36. Pipe. Whats The Concept Behind It?
  37. Purpose of centrifugal pump casing wear ring and impeller wear ring what is back plate in centrifugal pumps and its purpose?
  38. Suppose a steel bar of cross sectional area A is subjected to load P at one end and 2P at the other end ,what will be the induced
  39. waht is vaily gap in welding?
  40. what are engines that use carburetor and that use inductor ? difference between them
  41. What are the conditions considered while evaluvating MARGIN OF SAFETY for newly designed mechanical components....? or
  42. what are the types of welding machine?
  43. What are your significant functional achievements in the present company? How did they contribute to the total process
  44. What do you mean gy "Clausius inequality"?
  45. What does a pump develops? Flow or Pressure. Give the Answer with Proper Logic.
  46. what for orifice using in liquid flow line
  47. what is bearing? how many types of bearing
  48. What is difference between sand blasting and grit blasting ? What is its purpose and how is it done ?
  49. what is drive speed & what is driven speed
  50. What is Dry Bulb Temperature and Wet Bulb temperature?
  51. what is electronically operated pneumatic valves? give one example
  52. What is FEED?
  53. what is friction?
  54. what is gear ratio & how it can calculate
  55. what is gyroscopic & gyroscopic effect?
  56. What is mean by Resistance welding
  57. What Is Mean By Ss-314(Stainless Steel Pipe Garde)?
  58. what is pulverisation
  59. what is requirement of bottle filling machine
  60. What is Solution Annealing? kindly explain its process in brief.
  61. what is the basic need for designing the bottle filling machines
  62. What is the critical speed. Compare the critical speed of hollw shaft and solid shaft.
  63. What is the definition of mechanical
  64. What Is The Difference Between Rated Speed And Economic Speed?
  65. What Is The Difference In Is2062 And Is1239
  66. what is the diffrence between construction of reaction turbine and impulse turbine
  67. what is the diffrence between Torque and Power ( layman Idea)?
  68. what is the manufacturing process for impellers of closed, semiopen and open type?
  69. What is the principle of operation of simple jet propulsion system?
  70. what is the relationship between cop and hp(horse power) of compressor?
  71. what is the thermodynamics?
  72. what is the use of vanadium (non metal) ?
  73. What is thermodynamics?
  74. what is unit Ps ?
  75. what's the difference between front and rear wheel drive?on what basis we choose the type of drive?
  76. whats the range of poissons ratio of a stable material??
  77. when a solid shaft is subjected to tension its linear dimension changes equaly as its lateral dimension,then what will be its poissons
  78. Whether ductile material can fail in brittle manner? WHEN?
  79. which engine is more suitable over all. petrol engine, diesel engine . what are their differences
  80. Who are the leaders among expansion valve manifacturers? what are the recent developements in the expansion valve industry, used in refrigeration abd air-conditioning?
  81. Why Air Conditioner capacity measured in Ton. Like 1.5ton
  82. why as atmospheric pressure increases,boiling point also increases?
  83. why desuperheater tubes are bend in shape
  84. why diesel engine does not have spark plug like petrol engine, how ever petrol is better fuel than diesel?
  85. why does cycle rim dont bend even in heavy loads?
  86. Why green curtons are used in hospital?
  87. why petrol engine gives more power than diesel engine eventhough diesel engine has high compression ratio?
  88. why petrol engines have more power than diesel engines of same capacity?
  89. why the backwheel of tractor is bigger than frontwheel?
  90. why the path of a satellite is always elliptical with earth not at the centre of the ellipse?
  91. Why tyres are manufactured in black colour?
  92. why we cant measure absolute entropy directly,but the change we can?
  93. why we express the unit of torque in Nm.even though it can be expressed as Joule ( J )?
  94. why we have to know the specific frequency of any equipment? does anybody know about specific frequency ?
  95. Will anybody tell me about types and numbers of sensors in toyota corolla gli,honda civic and suzuki cultus vxri???
  96. Write down the epression for air standard efficiency of diesel cycle?
  97. You have to design a machine component. For what type of failure (ductile or brittle) you will design?

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