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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Include on Your Resume

10. Using too many objectives:

If you want to get a job, it?s better to mention about your relevant personal information that are very much required in all the companies and about your skills that can help for the company?s profit. Apart from mentioning these things, there is no necessity to glorify about yourself on the resume by adding objectives like, you are awesome at working and you deserve that job at any cost. If you mention like that, for sure the recruiter will think that you are desperate about getting that job.

9. About Your Short-term jobs:

If you have worked for short term jobs, then there is no necessity to mention about your short term job experiences as this might lead the recruiters to think before selecting you, as they would have got to know about the number of companies you have worked in the short period of time. They might think that you might even hop that job within a short period of time if you get selected. Apart from that, there is no need to mention that you have got fired for some reason on the resume, if at all you have got fired from your previous company. If you add such things on your resume, for sure your chances are very low to get selected and that might emerge as a biggest mistake you ever did.

8. Strange Hobbies:

It will be very good if you mention your hobbies like reading books, increasing your knowledge by collecting latest news from various sources of information, playing different sports etc on your resume. But it a big ?NO? if you have any plans of mentioning your weird hobbies that can also be disturbing to mention and see, like, eating numerous chilies, performing dangerous stunts as your hobby etc. These weird hobbies are not necessary to be mentioned on your resume because they don?t appear to be a productive hobby that might be of any help in your life

7. Revealing private matters:

It is true that a job application demands you to inform about some of the essential personal things like your name, residential address, private phone number and other relevant things to be in touch with you to inform whether you are selected are not. But, apart from these personal information, there is no necessary to mention about your marital status, how old are you, about your children, what religion you follow etc, on your resume, as these information are considered as irrelevant information that are not of use for your professional life. So try to avoid these private matters if you are planning to prepare an appropriate resume

6. Writing the resume in extra pages:
There is no need to exceed your details on the resume more than one page or maximum two page if you are a fresher who has just know graduated from the college. This might be a key point to remember before preparing the resume because; you might be having no experience in the professional life which means there is no need to drag your resume more than two pages without any necessity if you don?t have any job experience that has to be pointed out on the resume. Even if you are an experienced employee try to limit your resume to just two pages by mentioning only the important experiences. The recruiters have very less time to review the resume and if it is written in many pages, for sure they will be having no interest in reading the entire resume and you might not get that job.

5. Writing the resume in the third person:

Every resume should be written in a first person manner, especially when you are writing something in paragraph. Later, the remaining information can be listed down in point wise than writing them in the form of sentences. Writing a resume in a third person manner is not needed as it is you who is explaining about your own skills and required information.

4. Including references:

There is no necessity to include reference names if you got the talent that the job needs. Yes, it is true that many job positions are demanding references of key persons to get that job. But, it is not necessary to mention it on the resume. Writing ?references upon request? at the bottom of the resume is not needed as it is a mere waste of time, says career coach Eli Amdur on the Business Insider website as reported by Vivian Giang. If your employer needs any references to recruit you to the post, they will ask you for sure if you get selected for the interview session.

3. Mentioning current company?s phone number or mail-id.

It is better if you don?t mention your current employer?s details or the company?s phone number or your current professional mail-id in the resume, as it might create problem in the future. If you give your current office contact number and mail-id to your potential employer, if at all they want to reach you, they will contact you from that number if your personal contact details are not reaching and at during that time you might be caught if you are not lucky, from your current employers. So, it?s better not include any details about your current recruiters in the resume.

2. Bad usage of English grammar:

Any profession in the present corporate world demands at least a basic knowledge of English, especially if you are working for a corporate organization and some of the essential Government organizations. So, during this time, it doesn?t seem good if your usage of English is poor in the resume, as that is the basic thing the recruiters expect from their potential candidate. So, its your responsibility to take care about what you write on the resume. So, to avoid any further complications, after you complete writing the resume, firstly, glance upon it once as well as ask someone else also to check the resume for proper English and relevant information, before you send it to the recruiter.

1. Attaching Photographs:

Alison Green has reported on the U.S. News Money Website that, there is no need to attach your photograph with the resume unless you are applying for any job like modeling and acting. This is because; there is no need to attach your photo with the resume if you are applying for the job for any other designations than some of them like mentioned above, as your appearance has nothing to do with your capability to do the job.

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