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Unisys Placement Procedure

Unisys Placement procedure by a selected candidate

Hello Friends,

Placement procedure consists of four rounds,

1.Communications Round

Here we are asked to speak about any topic of our choice,and asked us to read a passage ,testing the communication and voice in this round.

2.Written test

It has questions on reading comprehension,correction of sentences,IQ(Series completion,No.of triangles in a figure like that questions)

adding to those they are asked us to listen a audio conversation for 2 min .After listening they asked us to answer 10 questions based on the conservation.This is somewhat typical.

3.Technical Round

Questions on hardware and operating systems and simple questions on windows os and others.

4.HR Round

HR round is simple ,he asked me to tell about yourself, and what do you know about company,explain me the job profile.

Finally I got selected after clearing all these rounds.

Package: 2.25laks per annum in training

2.65 after training

Interviewers are pretty cool and friendly...

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